Association for Psychedelic
Divulgation, Education and Research

We are a non-profit educational and research organization,
Our mission on psychedelics consists on the divulgation of content focused on therapeutic use, the training of therapists in each country for all possible substances and research with new substances. 

Support free information and affordable training for Psychedelics all over the world. 

Help us to have the best free information base on psychedelics and an affordable psychedelic assisted therapy training program worldwide.

APDER, like “Up There,” which is where we naturally go through healing with psychedelics, and where we can peek in on certain occasions.

Psychedelics are such a powerful resource for the change of consciousness, that theoretically it is possible that the authorities know how to save the world putting them giving them the use they deserve.

A more conscious humanity, a free humanity, a more humanity is needed, plus many things.

How to do it? Not only decriminalized all these drugs of such therapeutic value, but also teaching people to manage them to use them by creating a social channel where people can have access to experience is not going to be misuse, because misuse is every consequence of the repressive system.”
Claudio Naranjo