How To Set Up And Use The Google Duo Chat App

There are many different types of Multi-Factor authentication, such as text codes, app codes, biometrics and hardware tokens. The most common and simplest to use are text codes or app codes. App codes simply require a smart phone that can receive texts. There are many types of these applications that you can setup. A few […]

Earth Viewer 360

If you’re using a totally hands-free system like a Pandora Link connection, you can simply toss the phone anywhere . If you’re using your Android’s screen for navigation, you’ll need to mount the device somewhere that’s easily visible. I haven’t been able to consistently USB-connect an Android phone to a car stereo since the first […]

How To Make Cute Art On Picsart

You can even create collages and banners for your social media using PicsArt. PicsArt is a leading photo and video editor tool with robust editing features. Some of the features are – create beautiful photo collages, add stickers, text, swap background, and do much more. So these were the 4 primary features of using PicsArt […]